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Ask These Questions For Comparing Digital Marketing Agencies!

Outsourcing your online marketing needs to a third-party service is a big decision. Most businesses consider the idea of hiring in-house expertise first, but for budget constraints and to make the most of expertise, outsourcing becomes an obvious choice. If you check online for digital marketing agencies Singapore, you will find quite a few choices, but before hiring one and comparing the shortlisted names, we strongly recommend that you ask these basic questions.


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  1. What’s your ideal marketing mix?

Everyone will tell you that SEO is important, but what also matters is a good marketing mix. Every agency focuses on its own components when it comes to online marketing, but ideally, look for a service that doesn’t compromise on four aspects – SEO, search engine marketing, social media marketing and online reputation management. If they can take care of email marketing, content marketing and other relevant aspects, it’s always an added advantage. Ask them to show a few samples of how their average online marketing campaign looks like.

  1. Do you have Google Partner Badge?

For search engine marketing and PPC, you want a company that has the Google Partner Badge. This simply means that they have employees who are trained and certified in Google AdWords and have access to Google Agency. When you want to make the most of AdWords and paid marketing, that aspect cannot be ignored.

  1. Who are your clients?

The clientele of a digital marketing agency says a lot about their services. You don’t merely want to know the number of clients they have worked with, but also the range of projects they have worked on. The idea is to find agencies that understand the needs of small and large businesses alike, and they must have the experience of working with diverse brands across different industries.

Decoding the price factor

Small businesses don’t have the resources to have an in-house team, but when it comes to comparingdigital marketing agencies, it makes sense to select a company that’s experienced and versatile. An agency that can flex and work according to the needs of the client should be your first choice, even when that means paying a tad more for their services.

You can ask for references, review their estimate and consider the pros and cons of the concerned marketing agency before taking the final call, but don’t let a cheap discounted deal cloud your judgement during the selection process.

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